Graduate Studies Committee

The Graduate Studies Committee consists of the graduate studies chair, members of the faculty, and a graduate student representative, (the last except when the committee is considering graduate awards, appointments, and other personnel matters). This committee is responsible for supervising all aspects of the graduate program to ensure that it serves its defined mission as effectively as possible. The committee has responsibility for decisions on graduate admissions and graduate-level curriculum, review of graduate student progress, maintenance of regular communication between the department and graduate students, and regular review of the needs and performance of the graduate program. The committee also recommends to the faculty of the department those graduate students it deems qualified for appointment as graduate associates. 

The Graduate Studies Committee reviews and approves (or rejects) any petition from an instructor of a graduate course to assign a textbook authored by the instructor.

2019-2020 Committee Members

Kristina Sessa (chair) (2019-2021)
Alison Beach (director of graduate admissions) (2018-2020)
Clay Howard (graduate placement officer)
Ashley Bowerman (staff)
Greg Anderson
Paula Baker
Phil Brown
Kip Curtis
Robin Judd (SA SP)
Dodie McDow (FPL AU)
Chris Reed
Jennifer Siegel
Sarah Van Beurden
Katie Mooney (grad rep)