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Thematic Minor in Comparative Studies of Pre-Modern Civilizations

Four courses from the following list will fulfill this thematic minor.

History 2201  Ancient Greece & Rome
History 2202  Introduction to Medieval History
History 2203  Introduction to Early Modern Europe
History 2210  Classical Archaeology
History 2211  The Ancient Near East
History 2351  Early Islamic Society, 610-1258
History 2352  The Ottoman Empire, 1300-1800
History 2401  History of East Asia in the Pre-Modern Era

History 3210  History of Archaic Greece
History 3211  History of Classical Greece
History 3213  Slavery in the Ancient World
History 3215  Sex & Gender in the Ancient World
History 3220  The Rise of Rome
History 3223  History of the Later Roman Empire
History 3225  The Early Byzantine Empire
History 3235  History of Medieval Europe
History 3249  Early Modern Europe
History 3375  Mongol World Empire: Central Eurasia, 1000-1500
History 3376  The Silk Road: Commerce and Culture in Eurasia, 200 BCE-1498 CE
History 3401  Foundations of Chinese Civilization
History 3403  History of Early Modern China: 14th-18th Centuries
History 3425  History of Japan Before 1800
History 3455  Jewish Life from the Renaissance to the Early Enlightenment