African History

Faculty geographic and thematic specialties include:

Ousman Kobo, Associate Professor. Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison. Research and teaching interests include 20th century West African history. Dissertation: “Promoting the Good and Forbidding the Evil: A Comparative Historical Study of the Ahl-as-Sunna Islamic Reform Movements in Ghana and Burkina Faso, 1950-2000.”
Thomas McDow, Associate Professor. Ph.D., Yale University. Research and teaching interests include African, transnational Islamic, and Indian Ocean history. Dissertation: “Arabs and Africans: Commerce and Kinship from Oman to the East African Interior, 1820-1890.”
Ahmad Sikainga, Professor. Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara. Research and teaching interests include Sudanese history and the history of slavery. Publications include The Western Bahr al-Ghazal under British Rule, 1898-1956.

The Ohio State University History Department offers courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels in African History. All courses are cross-listed with African-American and African Studies.


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