Latin American History

Sugar Cane by Diego Rivera

Latin American history is well represented in the Ohio State University Department of History. Professor Stephanie Smith is a specialist in Mexican history. Alcira Dueñas and Stanley Blake teach Latin American history at our branch campuses. Thematic emphases include economic history, gender and sexuality studies, race and ethnicity, and revolutionary societies. 

Professor Stanley Chip Blake specializes in modern Brazilian and Latin American history. Dr. Blakes research interests include race and national identity in Latin America, Latin American social and political history, and the history of medicine and public health in the Americas. He is currently completing revisions to his first book manuscript entitled The Invention of the Nordestino: Race, Region, and the State, 1850-1945. The project examines the development of a regional identity in northeastern Brazil and the ways in which this identity reflected the regions changing economic and political position within the nation in the aftermath of the abolition of slavery. His most recent publication, The Medicalization of Nordestinos: Public Health and Regional Identity in Northeastern Brazil 1889-1930, appeared in The Americas. Dr. Blake teaches courses on colonial and modern Latin America, the history of Brazil, World history, and the social history of medicine. [Curriculum Vitae for Professor Blake [pdf]]

Dr. Alcira Dueñas is an international scholar from Colombia teaching at the OSU Newark campus. She is an specialist in Latin American History, Colonial Latin American literature and Women's history. She focuses on the cultural, intellectual, and social history of the marginalized groups in Latin America, particularly in the Andean region. Currently, Dr. Dueñas is finishing a book that reconstructs the history of indigenous and mestizo intellectuals in mid and late colonial Peru, and illuminates the writing practices and social agency of Andeans in their search for social change. Dr. Dueñas has published articles in academic journals in Colombia and Peru and articles in edited books in the United States. [Curriculum Vitae for Professor Dueñas [pdf]]

Professor Stephanie Smith is currently revising her book manuscript, "Engendering the Revolution: Women and State Formation in Yucatán, Mexico, 1872-1930." An American Association of University Women Dissertation Fellowship supported the writing of her dissertation research during the 2001-2002 academic year, and a Fulbright dissertation fellowship supported research in Mexico for her dissertation from 1999 to 2000.

Courses in Latin American History