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Dear Prospective Applicant:

Over the past several years our department, along with the University as a whole, has experienced remarkable growth. Strong support from the college and university has allowed us to add both distinguished senior scholars and some of the nation's most promising younger scholars to our ranks. At a time when many leading departments have been severely cut back, we are moving forward by expanding our offerings into dynamic new fields of study as well as building upon our traditional areas of strength. The result has both energized our scholarship and invigorated our teaching. The Department recently won the University's coveted Departmental Teaching Award, which provides additional resources for our graduate as well as undergraduate teaching mission. We believe that our program represents an outstanding opportunity for capable and well-prepared students to pursue a wide variety of rigorous and stimulating courses of study leading to an advanced degree in history.

Ours is a large and diverse department with over 200 students currently pursuing advanced study in 18 different fields of history. Chronologically we encompass almost every age of civilization, and geographically we span nearly all regions of the globe. We offer, in addition, degrees in the thematic fields of women's history, military history, diplomatic/international history, world history, and the history of business. We are proud of our ability to accommodate a wide range of intellectual interests, orientations, and temperaments within our program. We also take special pride in our long and abiding commitment to affirmative action in the admission of graduate applicants and in our record of graduating more African American Ph.Ds than any other department in the country.

The Ohio State University is Ohio's premier research institution and only comprehensive Ph.D. program in history and boasts an outstanding library and very strong support for research. The University's graduate population is cosmopolitan and diverse, drawn from among the best and the brightest products of colleges and universities across the nation and around the world. Columbus is the state capital, with a metropolitan area of one-and-a half million people and the amenities one would expect of such a center--resident symphony, ballet, opera, film society, art galleries, nightlife, etc.

Please note in particular that application materials must be postmarked by December 1 for admission in autumn of the following year and that we conduct the admissions process only once a year. Because of the large number of applications we receive, we cannot guarantee that any materials received after that date will be included in your file when it is circulated among the faculty for consideration.