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Pam Pennock Promoted to Full Professor at Univ. of Michigan

(Posted August 24, 2017)

Pam Pennock

Congratulations to Pam Pennock  (Ph.D., History, Ohio State 2002) whose full professorship at the University of Michigan will go into effect in September. She has been employed at the University of Michigan-Dearborn since receiving her PhD. Her second book was published earlier this year by University of North Carolina Press. It is entitled: The Rise of the Arab American Left: Activists, Allies, and Their Fight Against Imperialism and Racism, 1960s-1980s.  

Joe Faykosh Appointed Professor of History at Central Arizona State

(Posted July 6, 2017)
Joe FaykoshCongratulations to Ohio State History alum Joe Faykosh, (B.A., History, Ohio State, 2006), who has accepted a position as Professor of History at Central Arizona College, beginning in August 2017. He earned his PhD in History from Bowling Green State University in December 2016. His dissertation, "A Party in Peril: Franklin Roosevelt, the Democratic Party, and the Circular Letter of 1924," examined Franklin Roosevelt's behind-the-scenes maneuvering to reform the Democratic Party. He also received Bowling Green State University's Graduate College Distinguished Dissertation Prize for 2017. He was advised at Ohio State by Dr. Robin Judd and Dr. Randy Roth.


Allison Gough Receives New Appointment

(Posted June 29, 2017)
Allison GoughCongratulations to Allison Gough (PhD, History, Ohio State, 2000) on her appointment to Dean of the College of Liberal Arts at Hawai'i Pacific University.

Hawai'i Pacific University Senior Vice President and Provost Matthew Liao-Troth states, "Dr. Gough will be responsible for leading the College of Liberal Arts, developing internal and external partnerships, driving enrollment, and ensuring the overall success of the college." 

"Dr. Gough joined HPU in 2002 as a full-time faculty member and has served as Chair of the Department of History, Chair of the Faculty Assembly and, most recently, the founding Dean of the Honors Program. Her professional experience as well as her teaching and research background reflect her commitment to international and interdisciplinary education and her interest in global social movements. Dr. Gough’s research focuses upon the continuities and international dimensions within American social movements, particularly the anti-slavery and civil rights movements, and on the history of Africans and African-Americans in Hawai‘i and the Pacific."  
"Born and raised in England, she completed her undergraduate studies in history, politics and geography at the University of Durham. Dr. Gough advanced her education at The Ohio State University and received her M.A. and Ph.D. in American history."
"With her professional experience as well as her teaching and research background, Dr. Gough is well-positioned to lead HPU’s College of Liberal Arts."
While at Ohio State, Professor Van Tine was Dr. Gough's advisor.


Patrick Potyondy Appointed 2017 Mellon/ACLS Public Fellow

(Posted June 21, 2017)
Patrick PotyondyCongratulations to Patrick Potyondy (PhD, History, 2016) on being chosen as a 2017 Mellon/ACLS Public Fellow. Patrick has been appointed as Legislative Policy Specialist for the National Conference of State Legislatures. Founded in 1975, the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) is the nation’s bipartisan organization providing state legislators and legislative staff with support, ideas, connections, and a strong voice on Capitol Hill.
The ACLS states that, "This year’s 20 fellows, each a PhD in the humanities, will take up two-year, full-time positions with nonprofit organizations and government agencies working in the fields of policy, civil rights, arts and culture, and the media. The Mellon/ACLS Public Fellows program is made possible by a grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The Mellon/ACLS Public Fellows program is designed to provide PhDs in the humanities or humanistic social sciences with significant, career-building experience in the government and nonprofit sectors. Each award comes with an annual stipend of $67,500, health insurance for the fellow, and additional funding for professional development. Fellows receive professional mentoring from their host organizations and peer mentoring overseen by the Public Fellows alumni council." 
More information about Mellon/ACLS Public Fellows is available here


Stewart Dippel Pens New Book

(Posted June 19, 2017)
Stewart Dippel"Redeemed at Countless Cost: The Recovery of Iconographic Theology and Religious Experience from 1850 to 2000" by Stewart Dippel (PhD, History, 1983) will be published by Peter Lang in August. Future information about the book will be available here.


Kyle Nappi Attends 2017 Manfred Wörner Seminar

(Updated Sept. 5, 2017)
Kyle Nappi shares his experiences at the 2017 Manfred Wörner Seminar here.
The German and American Manfred Wörner Seminar cohort
The German and American Manfred Wörner Seminar cohort standing in front of a Boeing E-3A aircraft at NATO’s Airborne Early Warning & Control Force airbase in Geilenkirchen, Germany. Kyle Nappi is standing 7th from the left (wearing the red tie). Robyn Rodriguez - another Ohio State grad - is standing 7th from the right (holding the blue folder).
Kyle Nappi and Robin Rodriguez at the NATO airbase in Geilenkirchen
Kyle Nappi and Robin Rodriguez at the NATO airbase in Geilenkirchen.
Standing in front of Germany's Parliament building, known as the Reichstag, in Berlin
Kyle Nappi standing in front of Germany's Parliament building, known as the Reichstag, in Berlin.
(Posted June 14, 2017)
Ohio State History Alum Kyle Nappi (B.A., History, 2012) is currently in Europe participating in the 2017 Manfred Wörner Seminar – a transatlantic leadership program sponsored by the German Marshall Fund of the United States. As part of this program, he will travel to Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany with 14 other young Americans and 15 Germans (with similar backgrounds) to examine and discuss U.S./German/European security policy as well as security interests. Participants will gather for meetings at the European Commission, NATO headquarters, German Chancellery, Defense Ministry, the U.S. Embassy in Berlin, and the Bundestag (among others). Another Ohio State alum (Robyn Rodriguez - a 2011 PhD military history graduate) is also participating in the program.


Christopher Allen Howard Receives PhD from University of Akron

(Posted June 7, 2017)
Christopher Allen HowardChristopher Allen Howard, (BA in History, 2000, Ohio State) received his PhD on May 25, 2017 from the University of Akron. The crux of his dissertation, "Black Insurgency: The Black Convention Movement in the Antebellum United States, 1830 - 1865", is that during the antebellum era, black activists organized themselves into insurgent networks, with the goal of achieving political and racial equality for all black inhabitants of the United States. He argues that the Black Convention Movement functioned as the era’s premier activist organization that inadvertently pushed the American nation toward civil war and the destruction of institutionalized slavery.

(Photo: Christopher Allen Howard (L) with Professor Walter Hixson (R))

Dr. Leonard Moore Named Interim VP at UT Austin

Dr. Leonard Moore

(Posted June 7, 2017)
Leonard Moore (PhD in History, Ohio State, 1998) has been named interim vice president for diversity and community engagement at The University of Texas at Austin. While at Ohio State, his advisor was Emeritus Professor Warren Van Tine.

UT Austin President Gregory L. Fenves states, "As a scholar, Dr. Moore has examined the intersections of race, history and politics in groundbreaking ways. As a teacher, he has challenged UT students to understand their world, to answer difficult questions and to seek truth in their studies and in their lives. And now, as interim vice president, Dr. Moore will apply his expertise to strengthen our commitment to diversity and inclusion on campus and throughout the city of Austin.

Dr. Moore has served as a faculty member at UT since 2007 and has been the senior associate vice president for diversity and community engagement since 2013. In his current role, he manages about 30 programs and initiatives in the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement (DDCE). He teaches hundreds of students per semester and has published two books, with a third scheduled for release in 2018.
The DDCE oversees an essential part of the mission of our university. It fosters diversity and inclusion, improves relationships with our community and works on behalf of all Longhorns to ensure that all voices and perspectives are heard and reflected in our policies and practices. Dr. Moore has the experience, the historical understanding and the passion to lead this division at a critical moment in the nation’s history and during this important time of transition for the DDCE.
Dr. Moore will begin as interim vice president on July 17 and will serve while a national search is conducted for the permanent position. The search plan will be announced early in the new academic year."   

Carol Anderson wins National Book Critics Circle Award

Carol Anderson
(Posted April 4, 2017)
Ohio State history alumna Carol Anderson (PhD, history, 1995), an Emory historian, has won the National Book Critics Circle Award for her book, "White Rage: the Unspoken Truth of Our Racial Divide" (Bloomsbury). The New York Times bestseller examines the policies that have disenfranchised African Americans. Anderson is the Charles Howard Candler Professor and chair of African American Studies at Emory University. 

White Rage: the Unspoken Truth of Our Racial Divide

New Publication by Rachael "Ray" Ball, PhD

(Posted March 13, 2017)
Rachel BallProfessor Ball's book Treating the Public: Charitable Theater and Civic Health in the Early Modern Atlantic World will appear in print next month (April 10) from LSU Press. More information about it is available here

Professor Ball received a PhD in History at Ohio State in 2010 and is currently an Assistant Professor of History and International Studies at the University of Alaska Anchorage. She is the recipient of the 2016 UAA Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching.  
Treating the Public: Charitable Theater and Civic Health in the Early Modern Atlantic World

Frank Blazich, Jr. Obtains Position at Smithsonian Institution

(Posted Feb. 6, 2017, updated May 24, 2017)
Congratulations to alum Frank Blazich, Jr., Ph.D. in Military History, 2013, on his new position at the Smithsonian Institution. Frank is the Curator of Modern Military History in the National Museum of American History. He is responsible for collecting and interpreting modern American military history objects and sharing this work through exhibitions or print media.

Frank Blazich, Jr.

Frank has also just published a new book, "Bataan Survivor: A POW's Account of Japanese Captivity in World War II." The book is described as, "A forgotten account, written in the immediate aftermath of World War II, which vividly portrays the valor, sacrifice, suffering, and liberation of the defenders of Bataan and Corregidor through the eyes of one survivor." (Read Frank's Biography.)  

Bataan Survivor book cover

Audra Jennings publishes book on the history of disability and disability rights movement in the United States
Posted November 1, 2016


Book cover Out of the Horrors of War

Drawing from extensive archival research, Out of the Horrors of War demonstrates that disabled citizens in the World War II era organized a national movement for economic security and full citizenship, reshaping the U.S. welfare state and laying the foundation for the disability rights movement.








Alum Zach Bell Podcasting about 1960s History
Posted September 28, 2016

Devils Walking book cover

Zach Bell, a 2014 graduate of the Ohio State History Department and 2014 Teach for America Corps Member, has been working on several digital history projects with Stanley Nelson author of the upcoming book Devils Walking. This book details the brutal killings of a secretive branch of the Klu Klux Klan known as The Silver Dollar Group based in Louisiana and Mississippi during the 1960's. You can obtain more information about the book and listen to episodes of the podcast which feature Zach's interviews with the author here

Anna Peterson wins Historisk Tidsskrift Prize