Internship Guidelines for History 3191

Department of History
The Ohio State University


(Updated: October, 2015)

This course enables a student to earn a maximum of three credit hours for an internship. Students who enroll get an opportunity to use their historical knowledge and skills in practical workplace settings while testing possible career fields and networks.  Developing researching, writing, interpreting, and application skills in a hands-on setting are some of the perks of the experience. A successful internship compliments the students’ coursework on campus, giving them a holistic understanding of the history degree.  

Objectives & Learning Outcomes

  • Enhance one’s analytical, research, and/or computer skills in a professional setting
  • Acquire new research, and/or technical skills associated within their internship experience 
  • Develop professionally relevant competencies and relationships, such as verbal and communication skills, in a professional setting
  • Apply academic knowledge in a professional setting
  • Understand the broad spectrum of internship experiences available to undergraduate students in history
  • Critically evaluate the internship experience within one’s larger career projection

Internship Requirements
Students must sign a contract with the instructor of the course and the sponsoring internship unit at the beginning of the semester. Students will not be considered properly enrolled in the course until this contract is completed.

Internship Hours
To receive three credit hours, interns must work a minimum of six hours per week, for a total minimum of sixty hours per semester, at the internship site.

Internship Reporting and Discussion
A key part of the internship course in reflecting on your experience and connecting it to the skills you have developed throughout your undergraduate skills. Students will be required to participate in online discussions (through Carmen) where they detail what they have done, what the internship has given to them, and how they can apply this knowledge in the future.