Undergraduate Research Assistantships

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Interested in getting involved in undergraduate research in History but don’t know where to start?  You might try applying to work with one of these faculty members who could use some help with a current research project. 

To apply, you must be a current History major.  For each credit hour for which you register (up to a maximum of three), 20 hours of work on the project will be expected.  You’ll be supervised and mentored by the faculty member to whose project you’ll contribute.

How to Enroll in a "Help Wanted" Independent Study (Undergraduate Research Assistantship)    

Help Wanted – New Opportunities!

UNDERGRADUATE RESEARH ASSISTANT, to work for a book on American history.  Professor Joan Cashin is writing a book on the Shelby family of Kentucky, from the Revolution through World War One.  She is seeking a student who can do research in primary sources, such as federal census returns, and secondary sources, such as scholarly articles and books.  The book will cover political, social, economic, military, and diplomatic history. The assistant should work a minimum of seventy (70) hours during the term and enroll in History 3191 for at least two credit hours.  Please contact Professor Cashin at cashin.2@osu.edu.

Seeking one or more motivated students with good listening and typing skills to transcribe and annotate oral history interviews on anti-colonial, anti-apartheid, and anti-war activism. The interviews are digital files, and work can be done remotely for 1-3 credits depending on student commitment and availability. In conversation with the faculty member, student will learn basics of good interview preparation and conduct. Depending on interest level, student may also conduct primary research in historical databases and potentially oral histories with local activists. The goal of the transcriptions will be to prepare oral histories for archiving in digital database. May be taken Spring Term, 1-3 credit hours. Interest in United States history and oral history research desired, along with good listening, typing, and spelling skills. To apply, send letter of Interest, with pertinent history courses or other experience noted, to Professor Joseph Parrott, parrott.36@osu.edu. Application review begins immediately.

DIGITAL HUMANITIES, ENLIGHTENMENT & REVOLUTIONARY EUROPE: Seeking a History major with ability to use a computer and interest in the historical material to assist with an ongoing Digital Humanities project focused on eighteenth-century France. Some reading knowledge of French preferred. Students will assist with developing a database of primary sources from the French Enlightenment and French Revolution. Tasks include transcribing letters to the editor published in French newspapers from 1770-1791, searching online catalogs, and other data entry tasks as assigned.

Most of this course work is completed individually, but students will also meet as a group periodically throughout the semester to discuss their progress. Meetings include:  a visit to the Rare Books and Manuscripts library to learn about printing in the eighteenth century; discussions about the history of everyday life in Enlightenment France; and sessions on Digital Humanities research, like network analysis and topic modeling. May be taken for 1-3 hours credit during May Term, Summer, Autumn, or Spring. To apply, email Professor Elizabeth Bond, Bond.282@osu.edu, explaining your interest. Application review begins immediately.

LESBIAN FEMINISM IN THE 1970S: Seeking a History major to analyze and annotate grassroots lesbian feminist periodicals from multiple regions, including the Midwest and the South. In conversations with the faculty member, students will develop a working knowledge of the debates and political conversations among lesbian feminists in the 1970s and identify these in the periodicals they analyze. Students will also use the e-databases to locate material and then request that material from archives and libraries for inclusion in the research project. Some working familiarity with academic database searches would be preferable, but the faculty member is also willing to train students in these skills. May be taken for 1-3 hours credit during May Term, Summer, Autumn, or Spring.  To apply, send a letter/email explaining your interest and what you would hope to gain from this experience to Professor Daniel Riversrivers.91@osu.edu. Application review begins immediately. 

THE HISTORY OF HOMICIDE IN AMERICA: Seeking one or more History majors to conduct primary research in historical newspapers or newspapers on microfilm. Most of the work will involve Ohio since 1959, but other options include reading newspapers from colonial Pennsylvania or 19th century Philadelphia.  May be taken during May Term, Summer Semester, or Autumn for 1-3 credit hours total.  To apply, email Professor Randolph Rothroth.5@osu.edu, and make an appointment to speak with him in person.

INDIGENOUS LITIGANTS IN COLONIAL PERU: Seeking a History major with skills in reading Spanish and cursive writing to transcribe primary sources in Spanish.  May be taken during May Term or Autumn Semester for 1-3 credit hours.  To apply, send grades in Spanish courses to Professor Alcira Dueñasduenas.2@osu.edu

JAPANESE/CHINESE HISTORY: Seeking one or more History majors with excellent Chinese (including pre-World War II) and/or Japanese reading/writing skills and English writing skills; ability to record/summarize in English historical materials written in Chinese and/or Japanese; possible identification and acquisition of new materials for summary; ability to work independently, under guiding instruction.  Will assist in a project that explores a variety of issues related to Japanese dam construction in early 20th-century Manchukuo/Manchuria, Taiwan, and/or 20th-century Japan.  Will include locating, summarizing, and organizing Chinese and/or Japanese sources; possible communication with Chinese, Taiwanese, and/or Japanese scholars.  May be taken for 1-2 hours credit during May, Summer, or Autumn Terms.  To apply, email Professor Philip C. Brownbrown.113@osu.edu, stating interest in the position, discussion of Japanese/Chinese reading ability, evidence of English writing ability (short writing sample as an attachment).  Please include names of possible references (1-3) and contacts for them.