Ohio Seminar Schedule


Ohio Seminar in Early American History and Culture
2020-21 Schedule 

We welcome all faculty and students in the region interested in early American studies, to the Ohio Seminar. Graduate students in Early American History are strongly urged to attend.

Please check back for the schedule.

The papers for seminars will be available in PDF format via the local list-serve two weeks prior to each meeting, and a limited number of copies of the papers will be available at the department front desk in 106 Dulles Hall. For people driving into Columbus, there is now visitor parking available at both the Union North and Arps Parking structures, both on College Ave.  For further details, see CampusParc
We will continue our tradition of a "Dutch-treat" dinner following the seminar, open to all, at a restaurant of the presenter's choosing!!   Further details will be distributed prior to each seminar.  Anyone with questions regarding these sessions should contact John Brooke.  Brooke.10@osu.edu