James Esposito

James Esposito

James Esposito

PhD Candidate


Areas of Expertise

  • Environmental History
  • History of Technology
  • Modern European History, British History


  • BA, Temple University (2011)
  • MA, Villanova University (2015)

James Esposito is a doctoral candidate in environmental history, military history, and the history of technology. A specialist in Envirotech, his research focuses on the history of artificial breathing apparatus and the exploration of extreme environments. His dissertation, “Last Breath: Artificial Breathing Apparatus at Work and War in Britain 1905-1945” explores the connections between physiological research, military planning, and technological innovation at the Siebe-Gorman company during the first half of the twentieth century.

Advisor(s): Christopher Otter, Bruno Cabanes

Email: Esposito.105@buckeyemail.osu.edu

Twitter: @hypoxish

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