Jim Harris

Graduate Student
Jim Harris is a historian of Modern Europe (especially Britain) and the Environment, Health, Science and Technology. He is particularly interested in the relationship between science and politics in 19th and 20th century European history. He recently successfully defended his dissertation "Body Politics: A History of Public Health and Politics in Britain, 1885-1922," in which he examines the role of the British state in the growth of public health systems in late Victorian and early Edwardian Britain. In particular this research examines how the physical condition of the British body became a major focus of public health efforts before the First World War and how children and soldiers were demographics who received the most attention from public health efforts. 
In addition to the history of British public health, Jim Harris has secondary interests in the history of anthropology and the environmental history of climate change, disease ecologies and water. He teaches courses on both Modern European history and the history of science, medicine and the environment.
Areas of Expertise
  • Diplomatic History
  • European History; Modern European History
  • Military History
  • Russian and East European History
  • Environment, Technology, and Science
  • Race, Ethnicity, and Nation

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