History Career Night

Each spring, we offer Undergraduate History Career Night, an evening of presentations about various careers in history. Below are video segments from this year's event.

Introductory Remarks

Professor Nathan Rosenstein, Chair
Department of History


“History and Careers in Business”

Lorin “Hal” Tedrow, Franchise Development Specialist
The Wendy’s Company 

“History and Careers in Public History”

Stacia Kuceyeski, Director, Outreach
Ohio History Connection 

“History and Careers in Technology”

Dr. Jeffrey Vernon, Systems Manager  
ODEE Department, The Ohio State University

“History and Careers in Historic Preservation”

Rory Krupp, Principal
Owens & Eastlake Limited

“Graduate Studies in History”

Professor Greg Anderson, Graduate Chair
Department of History, The Ohio State University

“Career Planning for History Majors”

Ms. Brandy Williams, Career Counselor, ASC Career Success
The Ohio State University

Video of the entire event: