Faculty: Comparative Empires Constellation


Core faculty:

Elizabeth Andrews Bond - French Enlightenment
Nick Breyfogle – imperial Russia
Mollie Cavender (OSU-Mansfield) – imperial Russia
Alice Conklin – French colonialism
Jane Hathaway – Ottoman Empire before 1800
Tryntje Helfferich (OSU-Lima) – the Holy Roman Empire in the early modern era
Scott Levi – empires of premodern Central Asia
Geoffrey Parker – Spanish Habsburg Empire
Ying Zhang – China’s Ming and Qing empires

Affiliated faculty:

Greg Anderson – Archaic Greece
Theodora Dragostinova – the emergence of nationalism in the former Ottoman provinces of eastern Europe
Alcira Dueñas (OSU-Newark) – colonial Latin America
Jim Genova (OSU-Marion) – West Africa under French colonial rule
Ousman Kobo – West Africa under British and French colonial rule
Jennifer Siegel – British and Russian empires