Dissertations in Russian, East European and Eurasian History


Ian Lanzillotti, "Land, Community, and the State in the North Caucasus: Kabardino-Balkaria, 1763-1991" (Ph.D., 2014). Currently Assistant Professor of History, Tennessee Wesleyan College. Fellowships include a Fulbright-Hays Research Grant. His publications include, "From Princely Fiefdoms to Soviet Nations: Interethnic Border Conflicts in the North Caucasus and the Village of Lesken" Central Asian Survey, June 2012.

David Ruffley, "Children of Victory: Conformity and Dissent among Soviet Specialists in the Brezhnev Era" (Ph.D., 2000). Formerly Assistant Professor of History and Deputy Director of International Program Plans and Development at the United States Air Force Academy. Publications include Children of Victory: Young Specialists and the Evolution of Soviet Society (Praeger Publishers, 2003).

Tricia Starks, "Educating Mother Russia: Social Hygiene and Gender in Moscow during the 1920s" (Ph.D., 2000). Currently Associate Professor of History at the University of Arkansas. Fellowships include a National Endowment for the Humanities Collaborative Research Fellowship, a Fulbright-Hays Fellowship, and a Kennan Institute Fellowship. Publications include The Body Soviet: Hygiene, Propaganda, and the Revolutionary State (University of Wisconsin Press, 2009).

Jennifer Anderson, "Gender Role Construction, Morality and Social Norms in Early Modern Russia" (Ph.D., 2001). Formerly Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Student Academic Services, The Ohio State University.

William Risch," Ukraine's Window to the West: Identity and Cultural Nonconformity in L'viv, 1953-1975" (Ph.D., 2001). Currently Associate Professor of History at Georgia College and State University. Fellowships include a Sklar Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the Harvard University Ukrainian Center, a Kennan Institute Fellowship, and an IREX Fellowship. Publications include The Ukrainian West: Culture and the Fate of Empire in Soviet Lviv (Harvard University Press, 2011).

Aaron Retish, "Peasant Identities in Russia's Turmoil: Status, Gender, and Ethnicity in Viatka Province, 1914-1921" (Ph.D., 2003). Currently Associate Professor of History at Wayne State University. Fellowships include a Fulbright-Hays Fellowship, an SSRC Dissertation Writing Fellowship, a Kennan Institute Fellowship, and an IREX Fellowship. Publications includeRussia's Peasants in Revolution and Civil War: Citizenship, Identity, and the Creation of the Soviet State, 1914-1922(Cambridge University Press, 2008).

Matthew Romaniello, "Absolutism and Empire: Governance along the Early Modern Russian Frontier" (Ph.D., 2003). Currently Associate Professor of History at the University of Hawaii. Fellowships include a Western Civilization Post-Doctoral Fellowship, George Mason University. Publications include The Elusive Empire: Kazan and the Creation of Russia, 1552-1671 (University of Wisconsin Press, 2012), and Co-editor (with Tricia Starks), Tobacco in Russian History and Culture: The Seventeenth Century to the Present (Routledge Press, 2009).

Victoria Clement, "Rewriting the Turkmen Nation: Language, Learning, and Power in Central Asia, 1904-2004" (Ph.D., 2005). Currently Assistant Professor at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California. Fellowships include a Post-doctoral Fellowship at the Russian, East European and Eurasian Center, University of llinois, and an IREX fellowship. Publications include "Emblems of Independence: Script Choice in Post-Soviet Turkmenistan," International Journal of the Sociology of Language (July 2008).

Glenn Kranking, "Island People: Transnational Identification, Minority Politics, and Estonia's Swedish Population," (Ph.D., 2009). Currently Assistant Professor of History, Gustavus Adolphus College. Fellowships include American-Scandinavian Foundation Fellowship. Publications include "Will They Stay or Will They Go? Soviet Propaganda and the Estonian Swedes During the First Year of Soviet Occupation," Sovietization of the Baltics, 1940-1956 (Talinn, 2003).

Kristin Collins, "Negotiating Imperial Spaces: Gender, Justice, and Violence in the Nineteenth-Century Caucasus" (Ph.D., 2011). Currently Assistant Professor at Mercyhurst University. Fellowships include Kennan Institute Research Grant.

Mark Soderstrom, "Enlightening the Land of Midnight: Peter Slovtsov, Ivan Kalashnikov, and the Saga of Russian Siberia" (Ph.D., 2011). Currently Assistant Professor of History at Aurora University. Fellowships include Fulbright-Hays Research Grant. Publications include "Siberians in the Service of Empire," in The Siberian Text in National Narrative Space (Krasnoiarsk, 2010).