Modern European History-Recently Defended Dissertations


Amy Alrich, "Germans Displaced from the East: Crossing Actual and Imagined Central European Borders"

Jennifer Anderson, "Gender Role Construction, Morality and Social Norms in Early Modern Russia"

Michael Bryant, "Confronting Medical Mass Murder: The U.S. and the West German Euthanasia Trials, 1945-1965"

Victoria Clement, "Rewriting the Turkmen Nation: Language, Learning, and Power in Central Asia, 1904-2004"

Brian Feltman, "The Culture of Captivity: German Prisoners, British Captors, and Manhood in the Great War"

Jeffrey Giauque, "Upheaval in the Alliance: The Atlantic Powers and the Reorganization of Western Europe, 1955-1963"

Paul Hibbeln, "'A Sacred Trust of Civilization': The B Mandates under Britain, France and the League of Nations Permanent Mandates Commission, 1919-1939"

Glenn Kranking, "Island People: Transnational Identification, Minority Politics, And Estonia's Swedish Population"

Donald Hempson, "The Lion with Two Tales: Czechoslovak Economic and Foreign Policy-Making and Its Impact on US Relations, 1919-1929"

Laura Hilton, "Prisoners of Peace: Rebuilding Community, Identity and Nationality in Displaced Persons Camps in Germany, 1945-1952"

Stuart Hilwig, "A Young Democracy Under Siege: The Italian Response to the Student Protests of 1968"

Karen Huber, "Sex and its Consequences: Abortion, Infanticide, and Women's Reproductive Decision-Making in France, 1901-1940"

Jeffrey Lewis, "Continuity in German Science, 1937-1972: Genealogy and Strategies of the TMV Molecular Biology Community"

Franz Rademacher, "Dissenting Partners: The NATO Nuclear Planning Group, 1965-1976"

Aaron Retish, "Peasant Identities in Russia's Turmoil: Status, Gender, and Ethnicity in Viatka Province, 1914-1921"

William Risch, "Ukraine's Window to the West: Identity and Cultural Nonconformity in L'viv, 1953-1975"

Matthew Romaniello, "Absolutism and Empire: Governance along the Early Modern Russian Frontier"

David Ruffley, "Children of Victory: Conformity and Dissent among Soviet Specialists in the Brezhnev Era"

Emre Sencer, "Virtuous Pretorians: Military Culture and the Defense Press in Germany and Turkey, 1929-1939"

Mark Spicka, "Selling the Economic Miracle: Economic Propaganda and Political Power in West Germany"

John Stark, "The Overlooked Majority: German Women in the Four Zones of Occupied Germany, 1945-1949. A Comparative Study"

Tricia Starks, "Educating Mother Russia: Social Hygiene and Gender in Moscow during the 1920s"

Nicholas Steneck, "'Everybody Has a Chance': Civil defense and the Creation of Cold War West German Identity, 1950-1968"

Joseph Talbert, "The French Experience of Pandemic Influenza During the Great War"