Subject Course # Title Credits Autumn Spring Summer
HISTORY 2066 History of Medicine in Film 3.0      
HISTORY 2702 Food in World History 3.0 Au   Su
HISTORY 2703 History of Public Health, Medicine and Disease 3.0 Au    
HISTORY 2704 Water: A Human History 3.0      
HISTORY 2705 The History of Medicine in Western Society 3.0      
HISTORY 3115 History of Medicine and Public Health in Latin America 3.0      
HISTORY 3307 History of African Health and Healing 3.0 Au    
HISTORY 3701 History of American Medicine 3.0 Au    
HISTORY 3704 HIV: From Microbiology to Macrohistory 3.0      
HISTORY 3708 Vaccines: A Global History 3.0 Au    
HISTORY 3712 Science and Society in Europe, from Newton to Hawking 3.0      
HISTORY 3798.05 HIV in Context: East Africa 4.0      
HISTORY 4705 Seminar in the History of Environment, Technology, and Science 3.0      
HISTORY 7711 Graduate Readings in the History of Medicine and Health 3.0