Selling the Authentic: Indigeneity and the Origins of Mexican Beer

The History Department Race, Ethnicity, and Nation (REN) Constellation & The Center for Latin American Studies Present

Susan Gauss

University of Albany

A Mexican Indian.Cerveceria Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma logo.

Just a little over a century ago, Mexicans drank almost no beer. Yet today, Mexico is the world’s largest exporter of beer.  In this presentation, Susan Gauss will explore the process by which beer - a highly standardized, global product - was transformed into a thoroughly national and modern Mexican good.  In the process, she will examine how brewery owners drew on ideas of nation and indigeneity to commoditize the authentic on their way to building a global beer empire.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013
156 University Hall

Please note the new venue!  Pizza will be provided but feel free to bring a brown bag.

Please contact the REN co-chairs Theodora Dragostinova and Stephanie Smith with any questions.