Professor Timothy Gregory, PhD, Fund in Ancient Archaeological History


Tim Gregory
"There are few people in this world who are as knowledgeable about antiquity and care about passing on that knowledge as Tim Gregory. I’m honored to assist him in his very important work and to make sure his legacy and his work are never forgotten."

Jeff Battcher
Founding Donor

Professor Timothy Gregory has been director at Isthmia, Greece since Ohio State University undertook sponsorship of the excavation in 1987. Jeff has been a visitor to Gregory’s archaeological projects at both Isthmia and on Kythera for the past six years with Mercer University in Macon, Georgia. Inspired to help sustain the important activities of the site with a substantial five-year commitment, Jeff hopes that his gift acts as a catalyst to build a permanent source of funding to honor Professor Gregory’s research and teaching in ancient archaeology at Ohio State.

Donations to the fund are done through the OSU Giving website.