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Alhassan Abdul Rahman

Alhassan Abdul Rahman

Alhassan Abdul Rahman

Graduate Student


Areas of Expertise

  • African History

Advisor: Prof. Ousman Kobo

Current Research:
The history of Ghana’s “Integrated Muslim Education” and its Impact on Ghanaian Muslim Women since the 1960s.
The pioneers of the integrated Muslim education in Ghana envisioned that the integrated educational system, which involved a combination of secular and religious education, would provide Muslim children with the opportunity for socioeconomic development to enable them to contribute more effectively in the country’s development. After more than three decades of its existence, little research has been done to assess its impacts on Muslims’ socioeconomic development. This study seeks to trace the history of the integrated Muslim education and its impact on Muslim women in Ghana. Ghanaian Muslim women have historically been marginalized and denied access to education despite their crucial roles in the society, not only as mothers, but also partners in carrying the economic burdens of the household, in addition to their critical roles in supporting aging parents.  
Areas of Interest:
African History
Women's History
Religion in History
Gender History


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