Writing 20th Century International History: Explorations and Examples

New perspectives on the history of human rights, German-Israeli relations and the Cold War.
Carole Fink has been one of the most prolific and distinguished minds in International History for years. The author shows once again that this subdiscipline of historical science can offer much more than a sober diplomatic history in the innovative and source-saturated contributions of this volume: How have the manifold turns of the historical and cultural sciences changed the profile and perspectives of International History in the past decades? ? How did the League-installed minority protection work in a world in which the right of self-determination of nation states continued to enjoy almost unrestricted priority? What policies did Britain and Australia undermine international efforts to secure safe havens for European Jews in the late 1930s? What political and personal factors shaped Günter Grass's trip to Israel in March 1967, which can be read as the harbinger of a fundamental change in German-Israeli relations?
In a concluding talk, Carole Fink reflects on her own socialization of science and the change in her subject since the sixties. 
Fink, Carole
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Writing 20th Century International History: Explorations and Examples
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