Women's History Graduates

Jessica Pliley, "Any Other Immoral Purpose: the Mann Act, Policing Women, and the American State, 1900-1941." 2010
Jessica is Assistant Professor of History at Texas State University-San Marcos. She has published an article on the suffrage movement in Ohio History and another based on her dissertation research in the Journal of Women's History. She has presented her work at national meetings of the American Historical Association, the Organization of American Historians, and the Berkshire Conference on Women's History.
Jane Berger, "When Hard Work Doesn't Pay: Gender and the Origins of the Urban Crisis in Baltimore, 1945-1985." 2007
Jane is currently Visiting Assistant Professor, Industrial and Labor Relations School, Cornell University. She held a Woodrow Wilson Dissertation Fellowship in Women's Studies, and her dissertation won the Lerner-Scott Dissertation Prize of the Organization of American Historians in 2009. She has published an article in International Labor and Working-Class History and a book chapter based on her dissertation research.
Karen Huber, "Sex and Its Consequences: Abortion, Infanticide, and Women's Reproductive Decision-Making in France, 1900-1940." 2007.
Karen is currently Assistant Professor of History at Wesleyan College in Georgia. As a graduate student she won several prestigious fellowships and awards, including a Fulbright Grant for dissertation research in France and a Bourse Chateaubriand Fellowship, awarded by the French government.
Cecily Barker McDaniel, "Fearing I Shall Not Do My Duty to My Race if I Remain Silent": Law and Its Call to African American Women, 1872-1932," 2006.
Cecily teaches women's history and black history at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, Greensboro. She has published an essay on Edith Spurlock Sampson in Notable American Women.
Caryn Neumann, "Status Seekers: Mainstream Women's Organizations, Civil Rights, and Feminism, 1950-1975," 2005
Caryn has published an article based on her dissertation research in the Journal of Women's History as well as other articles and essays.  She won the Clio Award for Outstanding Teaching in History at Ohio State in 2005.  She has served as Lecturer in history at the Newark campus and Visiting Assistant Professor of history at Denison University, and is currently Visiting Assistant Professor of history at Miami University-Middletown.
Stephanie Gilmore, "Rethinking the Liberal/Radical Divide: The National Organization for Women in Memphis, Columbus, and San Francisco, 1971-1982," 2005
Stephanie is assistant professor of women's studies at Dickinson University. Her article, "The Dynamics of Feminist Activism in Memphis, Tennessee: Rethinking the Liberal/Radical Divide," won the SAWH A. Elizabeth Taylor award for best article on southern women's history in 2003. She has published book chapters on NOW and second-wave feminism and edited Feminist Coalitions: Historical Perspectives on Second-Wave Feminism in the United States (University of Illinois Press, 2008).
Basia Nowak, "Serving Women and the State: The League of Women in Communist Poland," 2004
Basia won the Best Graduate Student Essay Award from Feminist Studies, which published her article "Constant Conversations: Agitators in the League of Women in Poland during the Stalinist Period" in 2005.  She has served as managing editor of the Journal of Women's History  and has taught women's history and U.S. history at Ohio State University-Newark. 
Charlotte Weber, "Making Common Cause?: Western and Middle Eastern Feminists in the International Women's Movement, 1911-1950," 2003
Charlotte received a Woodrow Wilson Dissertation Grant in Women's Studies and two Foreign Language and Area Studies Graduate Fellowships. She has published "Unveiling Scheherezade: Feminist Orientalism in the International Alliance of Women, 1911-1950" in Feminist Studies and a review essay in the Journal of Women's History. She has taught at Otterbein College and Ohio State University.
Cherisse R. Jones-Branch, "Repairers of the Breach? Black and White Women and Racial Activism in South Carolina, 1940s-1960s," 2003
Cherisse is Assistant Professor of History at Arkansas State University. She has published articles on Church Women United, the YWCA, and black women's activism and is currently revising her dissertation for publication by the University Press of Florida.
Heather Lee Miller, "The Teaming Brothel: Sex Acts, Desires, and Sexualities in the United States, 1870-1940," 2002.
Heather has served as the humanities acquisitions editor for the Ohio State University Press and is currently a project historian with Historical Research Associates, Inc., a consulting firm based in Seattle.  She has published articles and book reviews in The Journal of Women's History, The NWSA Journal and The Journal of the History of Sexuality.
Susan Freeman, "Making Sense of Sex: Adolescent Girls and Sex Education in the United States, 1940-1960," 2002.
Susan is Assistant Professor of Gender and Women's Studies at Western Michigan University. Her book, Sex Goes to School: Girls and Sex Education before the 1960s, was published by the University of Illinois Press. Since completing her doctorate, Susan has taught at Mankato State University, participated in a summer Fulbright program on Women in Contemporary India, and begun a new research project on gay and lesbian studies in the 1970s and 1980s.
Mary McCune, "'Charity Work' as Nation-Building: American Jewish Women and the Crises in Europe and Palestine, 1914-1929," 2000.
Mary is Associate Professor of History at SUNY Oswego, where she has also been acting chair of Women's Studies and winner of the President's Award for Excellence in Student Advisement. Her book, "The Whole Wide World Without Limits": International Relief, Gender Politics, and American Jewish Women, 2893-1930 was published in 2005 by Wayne State University Press. She has also published articles in Feminist Studies and American Jewish History.
Valerie Sanders Rake: "'In the old days, they used scraps': Gender, Leisure, Commodification, and the Mythology of Quiltmaking, Wayne County, Ohio, 1915-1995," 2000.
Valerie has published an article on quilt history and has taught at Ohio State University and Columbus State Community College.  She is Associate Director of eLearning Support in the Office of Distance Education and eLearning at Ohio State.
Mary Jane Brown, "'Eradicating this Evil:' American Women in the Anti-Lynching Movement 1892-1940," 1998.
Mary Jane is a lecturer at Columbus State College. She published a revised version of her dissertation, under the same title, in 2000 with Garland Press.
Marilyn Hegarty, "Patriots, Prostitutes, Patriotutes: The Mobilization and Control of Female Sexuality in the U.S. during World War II," 1998.
Lyn's articles and essays have appeared in various publications, including the Journal of Women's History; her book, Victory Girls, Khaki-Wackies, and Patriotutes: The Regulation of Female Sexuality During World War II was published by New York University Press in 2007.  She taught for ten years as Senior Lecturer in the History Department at Ohio State University.
Karen Kriebl, "From Bloomers to Flappers: The American Women's Dress Reform Movement, 1840-1920," 1998.
Karen has published a book chapter and is currently teaching at Capitol University on Columbus, Ohio.
E. Sue Wamsley, "A Hemisphere of Women: Latin American and U.S. Women in the Inter-American Commission of Women, 1928-1938," 1998.
Sue is Assistant Professor of History at Kent State University, Salem campus. She has presented papers at the annual meeting of the American Historical Association and at women's history conferences.
Penny Messinger, "Leading the Field of Mountain Work: The Conference of Southern Mountain Workers, 1913-1950," 1997.
Penny is Assistant Professor of History and Government at Daemen College. She has published articles based on her dissertation.
Cynthia Wilkey, "Womoon Rising: Feminist Spirituality and its Impact on the Modern Women's Movement in the United States," 1997.
Cindy is Associate Professor of History at the University of Virginia's College at Wise.
Greta Bucher, "The Impact of World War II on Moscow Women: Gender Consciousness and Relationships In the Immediate Postwar Period, 1945-1953," 1995.
Greta is an Associate Professor of History at the United States Military Academy at West Point. She has published several articles on the history of women in the Soviet Union during and after World War II.
Virginia Boynton, "'It surely is grand living your own life:' The Search for Autonomy of Urban Midwestern Black and White Working Class Women, 1920-1950," 1995.
Ginny is Professor of History at Western Illinois University. She has published articles on Illinois and Ohio women's history in the Journal of Illinois History, Chicago History, Mid-America Historical Review, and Ohio History. She is guest editor of a special issue of the Illinois History Teacher on teaching about women and Illinois history.
Kathleen Weigand, "Vanguard of Women's Liberation: The Old Left and the Continuity of the Women's Movement in the United States, 1945-1970s," 1995.
Kate's book, Red Feminism: American Communism and the Making of Women's Liberation was published in 2001 by Johns Hopkins University Press. She has taught at Smith College, Hampshire College, and Hartford College for Women.
Kathleen Laughlin, "Backstage Activism: The Policy Initiatives of the Women's Bureau, U.S. Department of Labor, in the Postwar Era, 1945-1970," 1993.
Kathleen is Professor of History at Metropolitan State University in Minneapolis/St. Paul and has been a Visiting Scholar at the Institute for Research on Women at Rutgers University and a Research Associate at the Five College Women's Studies Research Center. Her book Women's Work and Public Policy: A History of the Women's Bureau, U.S. Department of Labor, 1945-1970 was published by Northeastern University Press. Her latest book is a co-edited collection Breaking the Wave: Women, Their Organizations, and Feminism, 1945-1985 (Routledge2010).
Joyce Rowe, "'The Working Poor:' Single Mothers and the State, 1911-1970," 1993.
Joyce has taught at the University of Texas, the University of Georgia, and the University of Alabama.
Irene Ledesma, "Unlikely Strikers: Mexican American Women's Strike Activity in Texas,1919-1977," 1992.
Irene Ledesma won a dissertation fellowship at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and published a prizewinning article based on her dissertation. She held a position as an Assistant Professor of History at the University of Texas Pan American until her death in 1997.
Kevin White, "The Flapper's Boyfriend: The Revolution in Morals and the Emergence of Modern American Male Sexuality, 1910-1930," 1990.
In 1993, Kevin published The First Sexual Revolution with New York University Press. His second book, Sexual Liberation or Sexual License: The American Revolt Against Victorianism was published in 2000. He currently teaches at Portsmouth University and Sussex University in England.
Jan Leone, "The Mission of Women's Colleges in an Era of Cultural Revolution, 1890-1930," 1989.
Jan won a dissertation fellowship from the Spencer Foundation and is currently Professor of History at Middle Tennessee State University. She published "Integrating the American Association of University Women," in The Historian while a graduate student. Her ongoing research is on the interracial activities of Southern missionary women and the impact of the GI Bill.
Shirley Yee, "Black Women Abolitionists: A Study of Gender and Race in the American Anti-Slavery Movement, 1828-1860," 1987.
Shirley Yee is Professor and former Chair of Women Studies at the University of Washington.  She published Black Women Abolitionists with the University of Tennessee Press and is currently completing her second book, provisionally entitled East Side Encounters: Cross-Cultural Relations on the Lower East Side of New York, 1870-1930. In 2000, Shirley Yee won the OSU College of Humanities Alumni Award of Distinction.
M. Christine Anderson, "Gender, Class, and Culture: Women Secretarial and Clerical Workers in the United States, 1925-1955," 1986.
Christine has served as Assistant Director of Women's Studies at the University of Cincinnati and is currently Associate Professor of History at Xavier University. She has published articles on nineteenth- and twentieth-century U.S. women's history in several journals, including the Journal of Women's History, Equity and Excellence in Education, Ohio History and Ohio Valley History.