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History Curriculum

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Courses (coursebook)

Printed copies of the Department Coursebook are available in the lobby of the History Department in 106 Dulles Hall.

History 1151: American Civilization to 1877 (Second Session)
History 1152: American Civilization since 1877 (Second Session)
History 1211: Western Civilization to the 17th Century
History 1212: Western Civilization, 17th Century to Present
History 1682: World History from 1500 to the Present (Second Session)
History 2065: Colonialism at the Movies
History 2125: Intro to Latin American History Through Film
History 2201: Ancient Greece and Rome (Second Session)
History 2351: Early Islamic Society, 610-1258
History 2353: The Middle East Since 1914 (Second Session)
History 2401: History of East Asia in the Pre-Modern Era
History 2550: History of War (Second Session)
History 2700: Global Environmental History
History 2750: Natives and Newcomers: Immigration and Migration in U.S. History
History 3030: History of Ohio (Second Session)
History 3221: Rome from the Gracchi to Nero (Second Session)
History 3253: Europe 1900-1950 (Second Session)
History 3270: History of World War I (Second Session)
History 3308: History of U.S. - Africa Relations, 1900 - Present
History 3501: U.S. Diplomacy, 1920-Present
History 3575: Intro to the Korean War (Second Session)

Course Syllabi

The Department maintains sample and current syllabi for most of our curriculum. Please contact the instructor for current offerings or the History Front Desk at 614-292-2674.

Study Tour and History Minor

Integrated Semester – Study Tour and History Minor at The Ohio State University 

Combined BA/MA degree in History with a specialization in Public History

This combined degree will give students a head start in their careers in public history. Many such jobs require an MA degree and the combination of academic training and field experience will make students more competitive for those jobs.

BA/MA Program in History/East Asian Studies

The Department of History and the Interdisciplinary M.A. Program in East Asian Studies offer a combined B.A./M.A. program for students who want to advance their ability to engage East Asian cultures and societies as rapidly as possible in preparation for careers in government, business, education or work in Ph.D. programs.


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