Hahn Recognized with Distinguished Service Award

July 12, 2017
Dean Peter Hahn

Peter Hahn, professor of history and divisional dean for the arts and humanities, was honored by the Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations (SHAFR) with its first Distinguished Service Award. The award recognizes Hahn’s tenure as executive director of SHAFR (2002-2015) as one of “extraordinary administrative competence” and “deep moral integrity and steadfast courtesy and concern for others.”

From the SHAFR web site (https://shafr.org/content/2017-shafr-prizes):

"In response to a clear demand from the organization’s membership, SHAFR’s Council has this year established an annual SHAFR Distinguished Service Award. The first recipient is Peter Hahn. Peter has been almost certainly the most important single person in the distinguished history of our organization. He served as our Executive Director from 2002 to 2015. One past-president has observed that Peter “in effect ran the organization, served as its institutional memory, and oversaw its enormous expansion, and as such he is largely responsible for its success.” Other former presidents who worked closely with him recall Peter’s 'extraordinary administrative competence” and his “reassuring unflappability.' Various SHAFR Presidents recalled hearing endless variations on the phrase, 'It’s already taken care of.' Peter has for years infused SHAFR with his deep moral integrity and steadfast courtesy and concern for others. A longtime chair of the History Department and mentor to dozens of graduate students at Ohio State University, Peter now serves as Dean of Arts and Humanities. Last fall, Peter was elected Vice President of SHAFR and will take over as President next year."

Dean Hahn receiving award