History Students Represent at 2020 Denman Forum

March 4, 2020
Brandon Borgemenke

Congratulations to our history students who presented at the 2020 Denman Forum on Tuesday, March 3rd. They did a great job. Participants were:

Brandon Borgemenke (pictured below and at left) 
Project: “Resilient Hope: An Exploration of the Evolution of Child Welfare Services in the Queen City"
(Advisor: Birgitte Soland)
Brandon Borgemenke talks with a judge at the Denman Forum
Matthew Bonner
Project: "The Monsanto Company: Government Relations History and Business Pedagogy Implications"
(Advisor: Bart Elmore)
Sarah Stradling
Project: "The Gastarbeiter Myth: How Turkish Immigrant Communities Rebuilt West Berlin from the 1960s through the 1980s"
(Advisor: Robin Judd)
Kat Kinnen (pictured below)
Project: “'The Wild, Wild West:' Historical Influences and Failed Promises of the Charter School Movement in Ohio" 
(Advisor: Clay Howard)
Kat Kinnen speaks about her project