Richard Smith Celebrates 100th Birthday

November 2, 2023

Richard Smith Celebrates 100th Birthday

Richard Smith, on left, and Peter Hahn, on right

Ohio Wesleyan Professor Emeritus Richard Smith (Ohio State History Ph.D. alum), shown here with Prof. Peter Hahn, recently celebrated his 100th birthday at an event at Ohio Wesleyan University.

Prof. Hahn says, "Dick was my adviser and favorite professor when I was a history major at Ohio Wesleyan. He was universally acclaimed there as a teacher and took great pride in sending 18 of his advisees on to Ph.D. programs in history."

We also note that Richard and Betty Smith were the benefactors of the department’s Henry H. Simms Award that supports dissertation research in the antebellum South, Civil War, or Reconstruction eras. Congratulations to Professor Smith on his milestone birthday! We thank him for his many contributions to the field of history.


Richard Smith (on left) and Peter Hahn (on right)