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Thomas McDow Pens New Book

May 7, 2024

Thomas McDow Pens New Book

Thomas McDow and book cover with a vintage map
a vintage map

Congratulations to Professor Thomas McDow on the publication this month of his new book, A Primer for Teaching Indian Ocean World History, (Duke University Press).  Written with Edward A. Alphers, the book "is a guide for college and high school educators who are teaching Indian Ocean histories for the first time or who want to reinvigorate their courses. It can also serve those who are training future teachers to prepare their own syllabi, as well as those who want to incorporate Indian Ocean histories into their world history courses."

From the publisher's website: "Edward A. Alpers and Thomas F. McDow offer course design principles that will help students navigate topics ranging from empire, geography, slavery, and trade to mobility, disease, and the environment. In addition to exploring non-European sources and diverse historical methodologies, they discuss classroom pedagogy and provide curriculum possibilities that will help instructors at any level enrich and deepen standard approaches to world history. Alpers and McDow draw readers into strategically designing courses that will challenge students to think critically about a vast area with which many of them are almost entirely unfamiliar."

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“Edward A. Alpers and Thomas F. McDow provide a multidimensional map to guide educators in their Indian Ocean World history teaching journey. Thematically organized and pedagogically innovative, the student-centered digital technology assignment ideas are designed to bring the Indian Ocean World to life. These design principles will make Indian Ocean history accessible for educators seeking to go boldly beyond conventional world history or area studies by incorporating or recentering their teaching on this fascinating and cosmopolitan region.” 

— Kerry Ward, Associate Professor of History, Rice University

“The importance and prominence of the Indian Ocean World for research and teaching is growing exponentially. The region offers countless opportunities to enhance and challenge students’ normative understanding of subjects such as slavery, empire, and the social and physical geographies of space. With this in mind, Edward A. Alpers and Thomas F. McDow have produced a vital guide that offers innovative teaching strategies with which to engage students.” 

— Pedro Machado, author of Ocean of Trade: South Asian Merchants, Africa, and the Indian Ocean, c.1750–1850