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Carmen Canvas

  • Carmen Canvas -  Your one-stop shop to manage your courses. The Carmen Canvas LMS provides a set of integrated web course tools that can be used to supplement a class taught mostly face-to-face or can be used to teach an online course partially or entirely at a distance. It provides various optional tools which facilitate learning and communication, including discussion boards, online grade posting, and online quizzes. (More info about Carmen Canvas.) (carmen.osu.edu)
  • Carmen Canvas User Guides are detailed pieces of support documentation that explain common questions about using Canvas. The Ohio State installation of Canvas may differ a bit from these guides, but in general they are valid.
  • Using Carmen Canvas to Give In-Class Exams - Part I: Creating an Exam (Video)  (PowerPoint)
  • Using Carmen Canvas to Give In-Class Exams - Part II: Giving an Exam (Video)  (PowerPoint)
  • A Carmen Canvas Plagiarism Module is available in the Canvas Commons area. You can find it by searching for "Ohio State History Plagiarism."
  • Carmen Canvas FAQs - This list of FAQs was created by the Goldberg Center and answers some of the basic questions asked about Carmen Canvas.

Other Teaching Tools

Assignment Resources

  • How to Complete an Audio Assignment - Geared toward students, this video can be assigned to assist them by providing tips on best practices for creating audio recordings. This includes suggested free software to use.
  • Spark video is a great, free software for creating video assignments. Check out our video overview of the software. Visit spark.adobe.com to use Spark. At the same site, there is also Spark Pages, which allows students to create web pages very easily and house them. When creating an account be sure to choose the "enterprise" account for a few extra features.
  • Virtual Reality Assignments - There is a virtual reality studio in 346 Hopkins Hall that is available to you for student assignments. If you are interested, all you have to do is email your syllabus to Elizabeth Braddy (Braddy.8@osu.edu). She can search for VR modules that may fit your coursework. You can review them and see if they would be a good fit. It can be treated as a regular assignment. How it works is that a block of a day or two is reserved for a course and students go to the studio on their own to take part in the VR experience. Modules they already have are listed on their web site here; however, they will seek out new ones appropriate for your coursework.
  • ArcGIS - Provided by Prof. Zhang,  provides instructions for students on using the software.
  • , a sample assignment.


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