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Paula Baker
Associate Professor
255 Dulles Hall
John Brooke
Arts & Sciences Distinguished Professor of History; Warner Woodring Chair in American History; Professor of Anthropology; Director, Ohio State University Center for Historical Research;
273 Dulles Hall
Mark Grimsley
Associate Professor
330 Dulles Hall
Thomas N. Ingersoll
Associate Professor
410B Galvin Hall
Randolph Roth
College of Arts & Sciences Distinguished Professor
106 Dulles Hall

Emeritus Faculty

Mary Cayton
Visiting Professor
248 Dulles Hall
Fredrick Dahlstrand
Emeritus Associate Professor
Alan Gallay
Emeritus Professor
Harvey J Graff
Ohio Eminent Scholar and Professor Emeritus of English and History
546 Denney Hall
Richard Shiels
Emeritus Associate Professor
Founders Hall

Graduate Student