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Greg Anderson
271 Dulles Hall
Nicholas B. Breyfogle
Associate Professor, Director of the Goldberg Center
159 Dulles Hall
John Brooke
Arts & Sciences Distinguished Professor of History; Warner Woodring Chair in American History; Professor of Anthropology; Director, Ohio State University Center for Historical Research;
273 Dulles Hall
Sara Butler
Professor and King George III Chair in British History
269 Dulles Hall
Joan E. Cashin
244 Dulles Hall
Kent (Kip) Curtis
Associate Professor
Ovalwood Hall
Jessica Delgado
Associate Professor
338 Dulles Hall
Associate Professor
236 Dulles Hall
Alcira Dueñas
Associate Professor
244 Reese Hall
Bart Elmore
Associate Professor
167 Dulles Hall
J. Albert Harrill
Professor of History and Classics
238 Dulles Hall
Clayton Howard
Associate Professor
163 Dulles Hall
Hasan Kwame Jeffries
Associate Professor
336 Dulles Hall
Robin Judd
Associate Professor
267 Dulles Hall
Mitchell B. Lerner
253 Dulles Hall
Lucy Murphy
Founders Hall
Margaret Ellen Newell
265 Dulles Hall
R. Joseph Parrott
Assistant Professor
153 Dulles Hall
Randolph Roth
College of Arts & Sciences Distinguished Professor
106 Dulles Hall
Stephanie J. Smith
340 Dulles Hall
Associate Professor of History and Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies
365 Dulles Hall
David Steigerwald
Dulles Hall 204
Birgitte Søland
Associate Professor
234 Dulles Hall
Sarah Van Beurden
Associate Professor
334 Dulles Hall