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Yiğit Akin
Associate Professor and Carter V. Findley Professor of Ottoman and Turkish History
Paula Baker
Associate Professor
255 Dulles Hall
Elizabeth Bond
Associate Professor
359 Dulles Hall
John Brooke
Arts & Sciences Distinguished Professor of History; Warner Woodring Chair in American History; Professor of Anthropology; Director, Ohio State University Center for Historical Research;
273 Dulles Hall
Bruno Cabanes
Professor & Donald G. & Mary A. Dunn Chair in Modern Military History
261 Dulles Hall
Alcira Dueñas
Associate Professor
244 Reese Hall
James E. Genova
112 Morrill Hall
David L. Hoffmann
College of Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor of History
212 Dulles Hall
Hasan Kwame Jeffries
Associate Professor
336 Dulles Hall
Robin Judd
Associate Professor
267 Dulles Hall
Thomas F. McDow
Associate Professor
361 Dulles Hall
Christopher A. Reed
Associate Professor
161 Dulles Hall
Randolph Roth
College of Arts & Sciences Distinguished Professor
106 Dulles Hall
Kristina Sessa
332 Dulles Hall
David Stebenne
Professor of History and Law
240 Dulles Hall
Margaret Sumner
Associate Professor
110 Morrill Hall
Heather J. Tanner
Associate Professor
245 Ovalwood Hall
Ori  Yehudai
Schottenstein Chair in Israel Studies and Assistant Professor
165 Dulles Hall
Ying Zhang
Associate Professor and Director of the Institute for Chinese Studies
363 Dulles Hall

Affiliated Faculty

Bruce Arnold
Assistant Professor

Emeritus Faculty

Alan Beyerchen
Emeritus Associate Professor
Philip C. Brown
Professor Emeritus
246 Dulles Hall
Mary Cayton
Visiting Professor
248 Dulles Hall
David Cressy
Humanities Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Fredrick Dahlstrand
Emeritus Associate Professor
Stephen Dale
Emeritus Professor
Robert Davis
Emeritus Professor
Carter V. Findley
Humanities Distinguished Professor
Harvey J Graff
Ohio Eminent Scholar and Professor Emeritus of English and History
546 Denney Hall
Donna J. Guy
Emeritus Professor
Susan Hartmann
Emeritus Professor
373 Dulles Hall
Dale Van Kley
Emeritus Professor


Graduate Student