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Scott Levi
Professor and Chair
106 Dulles Hall

Vice Chair, Faculty

Sara Butler
Professor and King George III Chair in British History
269 Dulles Hall

Grievance Resource Officer, Faculty

David Brakke
Professor and Engle Chair in the History of Christianity
230 Dulles Hall


John Brooke
Arts & Sciences Distinguished Professor of History; Warner Woodring Chair in American History; Professor of Anthropology; Director, Ohio State University Center for Historical Research;
273 Dulles Hall
Jessica Delgado
Associate Professor
338 Dulles Hall
Matt Goldish
148 Dulles Hall
J. Albert Harrill
Professor of History and Classics
238 Dulles Hall
Jane Hathaway
Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor
339A Dulles Hall
Tryntje Helfferich
Associate Professor
460F Galvin Hall
Robin Judd
Associate Professor
267 Dulles Hall
Stephen Kern
Humanities Distinguished Professor
242 Dulles Hall
Ousman M Kobo
Associate Professor
157 Dulles Hall
Kristina Sessa
332 Dulles Hall
Ying Zhang
Associate Professor and Director of the Institute for Chinese Studies
363 Dulles Hall

Affiliated Faculty

Bruce Arnold
Assistant Professor
Daniel Frank
Courtesy Associate Professor
316 Hagerty Hall
Sarah Iles Johnston
Courtesy Professor, Arts and Humanities Distinguished Professor of Religion
414 University Hall
Isaac Weiner
Associate Professor, Comparative Studies
433 Hagerty Hall

Emeritus Faculty

Alan Beyerchen
Emeritus Associate Professor
Mary Cayton
Visiting Professor
248 Dulles Hall
Stephen Dale
Emeritus Professor
Donna J. Guy
Emeritus Professor
Richard Shiels
Emeritus Associate Professor
Founders Hall
Dale Van Kley
Emeritus Professor


Graduate Student